Parma Chamber of Commerce, 2015 Gala

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On February 21, we hosted the 2015 Gala for the Parma Chamber of Commerce at the Astrodome.  The staff of As you like it catering, was challenged by the gala committee to present and showcase an array of menu items that exemplified the diverse cultures that make up Parma and Cleveland.  Well, we did it and here are some of the published comments from the Chamber:

Parma Chamber of Commerce // SunPost

Parma Chamber of Commerce // SunPost

I don’t know if we realize how important commerce is, and what the Chamber of Commerce is all about.Trade, barter, merchants, taverns, kingdoms, countries, heads of state, taxes, were not handled by the internet, nor the telephone.  It was handled by the merchants and tradesmen who set out to obtain the exotic spices, and textiles, and hard goods used by families.  These merchants had to use diplomacy, cunning, goodwill, and sensibility to obtain products, sell the products, and satisfy obligations to the authorities.  There was a time that pepper was more valuable than gold.

These merchants and tradesman influenced how we cooked, what we ate, what we wore, how we got around.  These merchants and tradesmen over-threw governments and kings.  They also brought trade to where it never existed.  We owe a huge debt to all the early risk-takers.  It is the spirit of these risk-takers that lives on with the Chamber of Commerce.  It is the continued networking with consumers, manufacturers, and governments that pave the way for expansion on every level – whether it be spices in your pantry, the car you drive, or the produce grown a hemisphere away.

Support your local business, and if that business is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, thank them for their efforts, because you don’t realize how much it affects you daily.

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